The Future of Education?


Imagine having a hologram projection teaching you mathematics? Or being in the 1940s thanks to the futuristic technology of “immersive virtual reality”? This map of what the future could potentially look like was created by an organisation called ‘Envisioning’. Their website explains that it is “a radically new type of organization designed for an accelerating future. Incorporated as a foundation and fundamentally ownerless, we are big believers in decentralized, global and interoperable teams. Our forward-thinking network of collaborators are at the core of our operations. A worldwide group of academics, designers, hackers, coders and educators collaborate to build an institution dedicated to the study of technology.”

This organisation has relied on collaboration and this can bring several advantages. One of those being that it will bring a vast amount of expertise and skills to the programme as there will be different collaborators from different educational and professional backgrounds. This can benefit these ideas of educational technology as they are using their creative and innovative minds to make something that is entirely original and breaking through the technological barriers. It could be considered a major risk, however, as the programme needs a large amount of money and resources in order to conduct research. Furthermore, many current teachers may oppose this as it disregards their work and relies heavily on technology.



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