A Final Note

Will iPads in schools become a norm? Will the classroom become a fully online experience? Where will digital media and education stand in the next decade?

It is fair to say that the ever-advancing technologies are having a major impact in the world of education. We have seen that whole courses are now available online, lectures and presentations from world-class professionals are being provided for free in online communities, children are being introduced to the internet from an early age and that careers are being evolved from digital media. Not only are students affected, but teachers as well as they can now access the information collected through digital media about their students’ progress and can personalise their studies accordingly.The areas in which I found entertaining yet educational was Ted.com and Khan Academy as I believe these are significant educational tools that are completely free and ones that I could spend a lot of time listening and watching.

 That concludes the blog! I hope that you have found the blog informative and interesting and has potentially introduced to you new ways of learning. Thank you.



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