£200 for the School to get an iPad?!?! – Absurd or Beneficial?

“Schools ask parents to stump up £200 for iPads

Many families are being forced to buy or rent tablets for classroom use”

This headline (Guardian, 2013) undoubtedly grabbed my attention as my initial reaction was that it was absurd. However, after some thought it could be argued if the iPads would be a good investment.


According to the newspaper article “many schools are asking parents to stump up between £200 and £300 for an iPad or other tablet for their child, or pay for a device in instalments that can vary from £12 to £30 a month, as they rush to keep at the head of the information revolution.”


The question is do schools have a right to ask parents to buy educational equipment for the school? There are many reasons as to why it is not their responsibility. Many may disagree because not every family has such a disposable income, therefore if budgets are tight in the household it will be difficult to add these prices on top of the every week/month bills. Furthermore, it could be claimed that it is not their problem that the school does not have iPads and that the government would fund the expansion in this technology of they felt it was necessary. Moreover, how often are the iPads going to be used? Will there be too much of a reliance on technology rather than the teacher themselves? Is promoting constant use of technology detrimental on children?


Others will argue that the use of iPads can be an advantage to schools as previously discussed in other posts; it can help engage students in activities in a fun and social way. It can also help those with additional needs develop learning skills and can benefit teachers as it is made easier to monitor the pupils’ progress.




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